Shiver- By: Maggie Stiefvater

      Shiver by: Maggie Stiefvater is another great young adult read.

Grace visits her wolf everyday ever since he saved her from the wolves of mercy falls. His Yellow eyes are what reach inside her and help her make it through any hard time.

Sam has been living two lifes ever since he was 8 years old. Trembling into another figure in the touch of cold.

Then Grace meets a gorgeous yellow eyed boy. He has the same eyes as her wolf. She can only suspect that he is.

As the bitter cold winter sets in Sam has to fight to keep himself and Grace.


The Pretty Little Liars Series

 The Pretty little Liars series has become a hit TV show that I enjoy myself, but the books are better. Recommended for young adult readers.

         Ever since the disappearance of their best friend Ali: Aria, Hannah, Emily, and Spencer have been growing apart. Until after the funeral of Ali’s. Ali was found in the back yard of The DiLaurentis’ old house under a gazebo that was be built during Alison’s disappearance, supposed to be murdered.

         Ever since the end of the funeral Aria, Hannah, Emily, and Spencer have been getting text from anonymous number aka A. A knows everything about them even what happened the night of “the Jenna thing”. Aria, Hannah, Emily, and Spencer are in deeper danger than they think.

Blue Moon- By: Alyson Noel

     Blue Moon- by: Alyson Noel Book #2 The Immortals series

As ever is learning to embrace her powers as an immortal, Damen, the love of Ever’s life begins to get sick. Then strange enough Roman appears somehow linked to the whole coincidence.

Then Damen forgets Ever and Damen’s love for each other. Making Ever paranoid and to do crazy things that labels her as FREAK. Then Ever is forced to go to summer land to figure out what is happening.

Evermore- By: Alyson Noel

        Evermore By: Alyson Noel is a great book for young adult readers. Especially good for High school or Middle School students.

Ever is a 16 year old girl who can see peoples auroras and know their life story by one touch ever since the accident that seized her families life and almost hers. Since then Ever has been taken in by her Dad’s sister Sabine, Ever is an outcast with her hoodie and iPod as her shield.

But then Damen Auguste appears. He blocks Ever from the rushing energy around her. Ever can only suspect that there is something strange about Damen untill she stumbles upon her true identity and also hers.